Hotels and Holidays:)

We all spend the holiday’s somewhat happy and at home. Family, friends, food, and splurging on just about everything you can get your hands on. Living the life  “we”  live made that completely different, and that just wasn’t the way it turned out this year for us, plus it made me truly realize what matters. Some of us find this time of year amazing and want to start super early with decorations, music, and presents wishing the time away to have those days off. This year, there was no extended family, not using my collection of decorations, and really couldn’t shop for those unnecessary presents, and certainly not needing those days off. I was put in a position I’ve never had to deal with until now. Being the Grinch of Christmas that I felt I was becoming, low and behold my children changed that. Wow they really hold the true spirit of Christmas. Setting our hotel room up with a dinky Christmas tree, 1 strand of lights, and decorations the kids made by hand, allowed my mind to truly open. It  showed me the true meaning of Christmas. I’m not a religious person yet I totally and completely believe in the man above. Trying to explain to my children this isn’t about presents, but just being one world full of amazing souls celebrating one day full of nothing but happiness. They proved it’s more than just presents and all those “things” I call Christmas. It’s about love and happiness and just having a ball, and I have never been so proud of my amazing family, that I thought, didn’t appreciate it. Maybe I’m the one that needs to open my mind!

Happy Holiday’s!


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