Seriously Easy Pork Tacos!

Driving myself insane eating flat out nasty food! And when you love to cook like I do, this definitely helped satisfy my cooking passion on the road! It’s unbelievably easy to make, all you need is a microwave or some short of heating source , and a shopping list! Easy and fun and tastes amazing!


Store bought Pork Tacos



                      * Seasoned Pork Meat-( Prepared Foods)

                      * Tortillas

                      * 1 Red Onion

                      * 1 Jalapeno

                      * Guacamole-(Prepared Foods)

                      * Sour Cream

                      * Shredded Lettuce

                      * Shredded Cheese

                      * Hot Sauce

                      * Can of beans on the side


And here is where it gets really hard..NOT!

Just heat Pork until hot!

Cut up Onion, Lettuce, and Jalapeno!( You can purchase all these already cut in your local grocery store!)

Evenly place Pork onto tortilla, add cheese, and roll up, place seam side down! Sprinkle some cheese and heat till cheese is melted!

Place desired toppings on top!

Enjoy…this one is totally stress free!!!

Here’s some pictures!












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