BIG! BIG! Decisions going on here!

 Homeschooling? Yes that is the question? I am totally not a homeschooling mom, and let me briefly tell you why I do it, yes everyday, but I feel so strongly my kids are missing the big picture here? Isn’t it nice to see, hear and value others opinions? I find school extremely inspirational and you learn who you are in society. I know I might strike some wrong on this topic, but if you are a homeschooling Mom, can please give me reasons to continue?  I was extremely excited to accomplish a dream our family has, the only way it would work was to homeschool them, but I couldn’t be more ready to send them back. I’m a strong minded, amazing woman that can handle anything, but why in the world can I not find the real reason it’s good? Comments, questions, and just about anything positive is welcome:)

Peace..Love…and thepirategyspies:)



5 thoughts on “BIG! BIG! Decisions going on here!

    • omg!!! I think it’s the biggest challenge I have ever! ever done….I so respect the moms who do it, it’s hard freaking work…..but I love the peace and interesting things the kids go through everyday…lol

      • I had so much more to say but the web browser on my tablet started acting funky and I had retyped the message 3 times. Hence the misspellings. 😉 When I was younger I wanted to be homeschooled but, mom was completely against it. Still haven’t decided if im ok with that choice or not. Hmmm…anyway, whichever way you go, good values, and a strong foundation at home will help them in whatever endeavor you do.

  1. I can’t stand any tablet when I comment…so I totally hear ya!
    That’s it!!! I have 1 child for sure…our 15 year old that thrives on being home….I’m a somewhat smart cookie…but it’s hard!!!!
    And thank you too for following me!

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