Spicy Chicken Cesar Wraps!

Huge! Big fans of wraps over here! This one defiantly deserves a front row seat! Easy, and this time you can heat if you want or not! This whips up in no time, unless you roast your own chicken, which I do from time to time, but we’re still in a hotel. So buying store bought rotisserie chicken worked! I would recommend lightly going through and making sure there is NO bones!  Also you can make your own Cesar dressing! Anyways, this is all about keeping it easy and full of flavor! Enjoy!




                     * Shredded chicken

                     * Your choice of wraps (I love the

                         Spinach ones!)

                     * Cesar Salad Kit ( You can use

                         that dressing if you choose)

                     * Red Onion

                     * Lemon

                     * Hot Sauce

                     * Jalapeno

                     * Cesar Dressing


Open everything, get yourself organized! Cut all your veggies! Then the most complicated part of this entire recipe, mixing the sauce up. Fill a bowl halfway with Cesar sauce, then fill the rest up with hot sauce, and yes the entire half. I said it was spicy! Then mix with the chicken. Then heat your wrap!

Then create your wrap- I’ll explain by layers.

Wrap, Saucy Chicken, Cheese, Lettuce, Onion, Croutons, and Jalapeno. I like to do a good squeeze of fresh lemon juice, but that’s your preference.









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