Bio: Welcome! I’m Brandy Kellar, wife and mother of 4 with a traveling junking problem! The Pirate Gyspsies is our name. We live life on the edge every day, and always in search of treasures! Let me tell you a little about these crazy humans I love so much, and what you just might expect from me:) Adam, my hubby, and I have been the ones to not follow the rules or do things the “right” way, always on the go trying to find that perfect place on earth to spend together. We added 4 children to the bunch that keeps our days crazy and insane..crazy and insane..sorry did I say that more than once? We moved from rural Missouri to colorful Colorado about 6 years ago, and honestly couldn’t be happier in such an inspiring place to live. But, being traveling junkies that we are, we are exploring the southern states in a tent, with our 4 children, and did I mention our 2 puppies? I have always been one that is searching for something else, something new and just more exciting. I want to see the world. My dream as a teen was to truly live like a gypsy. On the road and in a van, I’m actually living that dream, just in a trailblazer with a utility trailer. And pretty sure I didn’t include those amazing babies, but I couldn’t be happier. I just can’t seem to make up my mind on what I want to be when I grow up. I’ve spent so much money searching, after Cosmetology, Business, and Culinary, I decided I need all of it! Being the creative soul searching gyspy that I am, I started this blog and what I hope, the start of our business. Refurbishing furniture, wood, and just about anything someone else calls trash. From my love for food, to travels is what I hope to share with you. Bringing you into this crazy mess I call life:)

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